Support the Antonio H. & Marjorie J. Romano Graduate Education Fund Today!

Antonio H. Romano served on the faculty and administration of UConn for 31 years, leading the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as its Dean from 1992-1995. Over his long career, Romano's research never stopped. His publications include chapters in books, monographs, scientific papers, and journal articles. His devotion to science led to an enormous library that he kept updated and well read.

He was passionate about the value of a quality education for all. He believed in the values of hard work and helping others. They were passed on to his children and he lived by them himself.

"Tony was a wonderful person – a fine scholar, a principled administrator, a strong member of his community, and, along with his wife Jean, a great supporter of UConn," says Jeremy Teitelbaum, Interim Provost. "I will never forget him, and I know that his memory will live on among his many friends and colleagues here at the University and in the wider community."

With their gift, the Romanos wanted to provide the critical margin of support graduate students need to make scientific breakthroughs and contribute toward UConn's core missions.

"We chose to contribute to the graduate program because it is a fundamental part of both the teaching and research functions of a flagship state university," Romano said of this fund. "Graduate students serve important functions as teaching assistants and vital members of research teams that advance the research agenda of the institution."

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