​Support the Community Outreach Service Award Fund ​

Community Outreach's mission is to engage students in meaningful service activities that enrich their learning and enhance the quality of life for others in our local, national and international communities. The service award has been inspired by UConn's commitment to develop active global citizens and is aimed at decreasing financial barriers to undergraduate students wishing to pursue service and civic engagement opportunities and programs through University sponsored programs. The award honors individual students as well as student groups who plan to engage in a community service project.

Scholarship Criteria:

●This scholarship is open to individuals & groups performing a community service project.

●This scholarship is for current UConn students and student groups on the UConn Storrs Campus

●The service must occur during the semester for which the scholarship is given.

●Funds will be used to directly benefit the UConn student's participation and will not be awarded to a third party vendor or non-profit.

●Diverse students and students from low-socioeconomic and culturally diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

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