Glycogen Storage Disease Program Fund

Leading pediatric endocrinologist and scientist, Dr. David Weinstein moved his world-renowned GSD program from the University of Florida to UConn Health and Connecticut Children's Medical Center in January 2017.

Weinstein's GSD Program is the largest clinical and research program of its kind in the world. Pediatric and adult patients living with the rare, genetic liver disease travel from across the U.S. and the globe for his and his team's expert care. Dr. Weinstein follows the largest number of GSD patients in the world caring for more than 500 patients traveling from 49 states and 45 countries.

The Glycogen Storage Disease Program Fund at UConn was created to support GSD research and program needs including the purchase of needed equipment and supplies, and more.

After nearly two decades of dedicated research, Dr. Weinstein will begin human safety trials of his gene therapy. Expected to start in early 2018, UConn will coordinate the trials with collaborating centers all over the world. It is through donations like yours that the UConn Health GSD program team is bringing families hope and a lifesaving cure is on the horizon.

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