Thanks to all who participated in the third annual 100% Law Challenge!

The campaign has ended for 2017.

William R. Davis '55

Honorary Chair, 100% Law School Challenge
RisCassi & Davis, P.C.
"I'm pleased to serve as the Honorary Chair of the 100% UConn Law Challenge as this in some small way serves to recognize the impact that the the law school had on my career. Over the years I have regularly contributed to the Law School Foundation in appreciation for all that the law school did in preparing me for my legal journey.I would urge that you join me in contributing to the 100% UConn Law Challenge in support of this institution which did so much for all of us."

Beverly Garofalo '91
Chair, 100% Law School Challenge
Jackson Lewis P.C.

"Without my legal education at UConn School of Law I would not be where I am today. It's that simple. And that's why I give to support the school and urge you to do the same. Through the 100% UConn Law Challenge alumni can come to appreciate the important role we play in sustaining the Law School and its excellent programs. As students we benefited from alumni giving, and that's a legacy that is passed to each graduating class. Whether you graduated in 2015 or 25 years ago, whatever amount you can contribute through the Challenge is part of a greater whole that makes a real impact for students. Together we can make a difference!"

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