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First Year Programs & Learning Communities A Project of Ignite 2017

First Year Programs & Learning Communities is made up of three programs -- the Academic Achievement Center (AAC), First Year Programs (FYP), Learning Communities (LC) -- FYPLC has an outreach across all disciplines and all students of any semester standing, assisting in retention and the graduation of students from the University of Connecticut.

With an array of courses, a network for personal support, interactive online resources, and unique living/learning experiences, First Year Programs helps new students at the University of Connecticut achieve success from the start. The FYPLC reaches out to all students who are enrolled in UConn with 80% enrolled in an FYE class, 40% living in a Learning Community, and thousands of students associated with the Academic Achievement Center.

Donating to the FYPLC ignite fund will help provide innovative new programming such as: first year international opportunities, contemporary guest speakers, immersion learning, and service learning. We have a goal of $5000.00 with all of our proceeds going towards supporting the First Year Program & Learning Communities Fund.

Become a first year platinum donor by making a $10 donation! Platinum donors will receive special recognitions!

Below are a few examples of our incredible students, staff and programming!

UConn Connects students pictured during their training workshop with Leo M. Lachut (top middle), Director of Academic Support.

UConn Connects (under the Academic Achievement Center, AAC) serves as an intervention program to help students be more successful. The program pairs each student with a faculty, staff or peer facilitator who will guide them through the semester. Students and Facilitators will meet to go over course work and academic progress on a weekly basis. The facilitator provides the student with a variety of resources, support and list of workshops offered by the AAC. The facilitators are highly knowledgeable about the University and are trained to help the student with specific concerns and issues that may arise during the semester.

First Year Experience Mentors with David T. Ouimette (top right), Executive Director of First Year Programs and Learning Communities.

Mentors play key roles in assisting first-year students with the transition to UConn. As FYE mentors, students gain leadership, teaching, communication, peer counseling, planning, and presentation skills. Mentors work cooperatively with instructors to serve as role models for first-year students.

One of our Learning Community Teams, Public Health House, winning first place at the Annual Learning Field Day.

During this event, Learning Community students complete in fun games, such as tug-war, relay races, and many minute to win it games.

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